Procurement Optimisation platform

Aggregated Sourcing is enabled by our  Procurement Optimisation (PO) platform designed to collate data from multiple organisations and identify value creation opportunities through greater economies of scale and in depth category expertise.  It is our cost effective, powerful, engine for delivering spend analysis by category, business and supplier.

We also know that suppliers and business partners working through our PO platform can achieve levels of sales and profit that would be out of reach through traditional B2B relationships.

This mutuality in which PE companies and their suppliers both benefit is the beating heart what we do and we work to grow the size of the pie, we don’t fight over who gets the biggest slice.

The Procurement Optimisation (PO) Platform has been designed to enable us to aggregate spend data from multiple businesses, across a number of sectors,  and quickly analyse the benefits available through:

  1. Leveraging business relationships and commercial terms already familiar to the PE procurement partners to create maximum value for both buying organisations and their suppliers
  2. Ensuring deals with existing suppliers are competitive to PE procurement partners benchmarks
  3. Running Aggregated Sourcing projects with other organisations, private equity entities and their portfolio companies.