PEPP Maturity Assessment

We have developed a PEPP Maturity Assessment that enables a business to understand where their Procurement function is in terms of securing the best possible value from their expenditure with suppliers.  The PEPP Maturity Assessment defines how to improve sourcing performance and achieve benefits in the fastest possible time frame. In addition it highlights any investments that need to be made in talent, processes and technology to sustain the benefits over time.

We have seen time and time again how Procurement organisations that have built world class relationships with strategic suppliers enjoy a significant competitive advantage.  Our PEPP Maturity Assessment provides an empirical basis to drive the best possible value from these relationships based on a mutuality of interest.

The assessment outputs include series of recommendations on how the procurement operating model and supplier relationships may be improved, one output is a classic spider chart showing the gap to good practice.  It also provides indicative benefits to the client organisation that are available through improving procurement performance.

We always caution against viewing the assessment as a “snap-shot” in time or as a single point of data.  More important is the trend, over time, showing improvement across such dimensions as talent, process, digitisation, sustainability, performance management and supplier relationships.  The Maturity Assessment has been designed to enable a focus on priority areas and regular reviews on progress.

There is a significant body of research to prove that those buying organisations enjoying a better relationship with their suppliers than those of their competitors will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.  We have developed the PEPP Supplier Perception Survey to provide a voice to suppliers.  Simply put the supplier perceptions survey creates the platform for strategic suppliers to say to their customers here is how you can become one of our preferred customers.

The PEPP Maturity Assessment and Supplier Perception Survey are available to community members through our PO platform.