PE Procurement Partners (PEPP) works with Private Equity companies to release exceptional value from portfolio businesses, delivering sustainable results through aggregated sourcing and strategic partnerships.

We offer unrivalled experience of procurement in the Private Equity environment, and have demonstrated across sectors and geographies that driving collaboration between multiple portfolio business and their suppliers enables deals that would be unattainable to organisations working in isolation.


Aggregated Sourcing

We believe a well managed Private Equity company and strategic supplier relationship, that sits above individual portfolio companies, is essential lever to optimising value from expenditure.

The Procurement Optimisation Platform

The Procurement Optimisation (PO) platform is designed to collate data from multiple organisations and identify value creation opportunities through greater economies of scale.

PEPP Maturity Assessment

The PEPP Maturity Assessment defines how to deliver benefits in the fastest possible time frame. It highlights any investments that need to be made in talent, processes and technology to sustain the benefits over time.

Leading Procurement transformations in portfolio companies

The PEPP approach is to utilise benefits from aggregated sourcing to fund sustainable procurement transformation programmes through investments in talent, processes and technology.

Hands PE Procure

Strategic Partnership Academy

The goal of the SPA is to enable the personal and professional development of procurement practitioners and to provide organisations with the opportunity to invest in talent.

Environment Society Governance (ESG)

Increasingly investors and lenders want to be assured that companies are ESG compliant.